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What I Offer: Obraz

Please read the updated rules and pricing carefully!

The commission form stays open until I pick people for the next commission batch (up to 5 people). If you don't hear back from me before the form closes, it means I haven't picked you for this particular batch, but I might return to you later!
I will give advantage to people with proper concept arts/reference sheets and interesting (to me) designs. You could always apply again with different art/character next time! Please scroll down to the red list of what I avoid/cannot
do for your potential commission. 

I require a good quality reference of your modeI. It does not have to be fully shaded, flat color is okay (even easier
to work with when I'm texturing). I need at least full front view, I can improvise design on the back, and parts I cannot see. Possible little design changes, if they don't work in 3D, will be discussed.

I may not offer 1:1 similarity to your concept art, as I like to add my own little "twist" to my models, so they resemble my own style (usually visible through the way I texture). Therefore I cannot offer heavily stylized designs/characters
or specific ways of texturing, other than my own, personal styles. See my portfolio and recent work.

I offer ARKit blendshapes for iPhone/android facetracking. Price is $250 and I will only work with models/bases that I modeled myself, so I will not accept such commission if you want me to add blendshapes to your custom model that someone else created.

I specialise in anime and semirealistic modeling style, both male and female models, teen and adult/mature. I'm most excited to work on demonic-like and dark "edgy" characters. My personal preference in creation leans towards male characters more.

When I start your commission, the estimated time for a fullmodel is 2-3 weeks. Payment will be done through Paypal invoice. I won't accept money before your turn comes, as I don't want to hold your money and make you wait too long. You have to pay either full before I start, or half before I start and half when model is done. Files will be shared after full payment has been done. If you end up not completing the payment, I have the rights to dispose your commission.

You can order maximum of a 1 Fullmodel and 1 extra outfit in one commission.

I do not make models in .pmx format for MikuMikuDance anymore, but I will still provide support to my past clients who ordered MMD models.

Starting price of a fullmodel made from scratch is 800+ USD, which is a character in single outfit and hairstyle, full body base not included in that starting price. Separate body base is 400-500 USD depending on complexity. You should always expect the final price to be higher than starting price,
up to 1,500-2,500 USD. Please note that selecting an option to keep this project private (so I can't stream it nor post any wips online until your planned "debut"), will cost extra.

Example of basic face blendshapes that your commission will have, can be seen in this folder. 
Those, plus extra ones like winks, half smiles, etc. that can be quickly made from existing blendshapes. VRChat avatars additionally get 7 in-price facial emotes/gestures of your choice. If you have no preference, I usually do
a happy, angry, sad, smug, winky face by default.

Commission queue can be found in this link.

Please note:
All prices are only for reference and are subject to change, if the complexity of your project requires more work
and time to be completed.
I won't do changes to the mesh when textures have been completed entirely. Any revisions should be done during modeling process to make it easier for me!
WIP pictures will be provided through twitter or discord DMs/email.​

Contact me at:

Discord:  Chilky#9999 BUT I do not accept friend requests from unknown people.
Please join my Community/Twitch Server in order to be able to DM me.

Please note that contacting me personally before or after you submit your form will NOT speed things up or assure you that I will pick your project. I will reply back myself, if I'm ready to work on your commission.
Please respect it, thank you!

Useful links:
My Twitch Community Server

Commission Queue 

Last update: 06/01/2022

What I Offer: Usługi

List of what I AVOID or CANNOT DO:

You can still ask, because it varies!
- Weapons and complex accessories, mecha/cyber stuff
- A lot of armor (not comfortable with hard-surface modeling and shapes)
- Japanese outfits (I just don't like them, they aren't fun to make at all)
- Long or layered dresses, sleeves or capes that require special rigging
- A lot of frills (makes models unnecessarily high poly)
- Any visible guts, gore models (I don't mind texturing wounds and scars)
- Animals and furries (humanoid animals)
- Big wings (if they are extremely important, I will do them but with extra price)
- Braids and very curly hair (too annoying to make, we can switch braids to ponytails if you're ok with it)
- Weird cartoon-like or meme characters, hyperrealistic models
- Small children, chibi, or elderly characters (I have no experience with these)
- Explicit NSFW parts (if it's very important, will charge a lot extra for it)
- Oculus Quest-compatible avatars/models (I don't make low poly models)

For VRChat Avatars:

- You will get .fbx from blender with textures
- All work required to be done in Unity*, including a direct upload to account (or sharing a folder/package), is extra $50 (if you can finish avatar for VRChat yourself then you just get .fbx file from blender, no extra cost).
- Models are optimised for PC use (I can't make Oculus Quest-compatible avatars as my models are always too high-poly for Quest limitations).
- They come with dynamic bones (if eligible), eyetracking,  visemes and custom face emotes. (We will discuss what emotes you wish to have.)
- Fullbody tracking support.

*What do I do in Unity: set up materials (I use Poiyomi Toon V5.6 shader), face animation clips for gestures and expression menu (if requested!), dynamic bones/cloth physics (cloth only for skirts though), any simple puppets like ears or tail moving (if requested), texture or mesh toggles for action menu if requested (example - hat toggle, texture swap toggle). I also test avatars to make sure they don't have any issues with FBT. I cannot do any particle or sound animations. Models come in avatar 3.0 system.

What I Offer: Usługi
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