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Please read this before commissioning me.

Starting price of a fullmodel is 1,500+ USD, which is a character in a single outfit + hairstyle.
Separate (SFW) body base is not included in that price, it will cost extra. People usually request a base.
On average, the project may end up between 2,500-4,000 USD. Paid either fully upfront or 50/50 pattern.
Commercial use is +100% price of the project. Can be paid at later date when you actually need it.

You can order maximum of a 1 Fullmodel (with separate base or not) and 1 extra outfit in one request commission.
I require a front-facing fullbody reference, preferably in A-pose or T-pose, with back view as well, but that is not required. Non-shaded (flatcolor) is ok. Face with neutral expression, front facing, not angled. If you only have front view design, I can come up with design at the back.

Example of how I would like the reference to look like. I will give advantage to people with such references.

VRChat avatars get 7 in-price facial emotes/gestures of your choice. I usually do a happy, angry, sad, smug, disappointed, winky face by default, if you don't request anything specific. 
Examples of basic blendshapes + VRC custom face emotes

Please note:

All prices are only for reference and are subject to change, if the complexity of your project requires more work and time to be completed. I won't do changes to the mesh when textures have been completed entirely. Any revisions should be done during modeling process to make it easier for me. Otherwise an extra fee may apply depending on how many things need to be changed.

WIP pictures will be provided through twitter or discord DMs. 

ChilkyArts' Terms of Service
Updated Aug 21, 2023

You can either: 

- pay fully before I start (ensures delivery of files as soon as models are ready),

- pay half before I start, and the remaining when it's completed or close to completion.

Completing payment ahead of time will ensure that you will get the files as soon as models are finished. If I have to wait for you to complete payments, that means delay in delivering the files to you.

Any changes to mesh can only be done before I enter texturing stage. Requesting bigger changes after that will cost extra.

My worktime and delivery can be between 2 to 8 weeks, depending on your project's complexity. Does not include the wait time before I get to work on your commission. All model files will be delivered after payment has been fully completed. Rush fee is possible and then I will start your commission after I finish ongoing project.

Using the models for streaming on Twitch and Youtube is free of charge.

Any other profits made from using my models is considered commercial use and will apply fees.

Please credit me somewhere on your page/socials as 3D modeler/creator.

I reserve rights to own all my creations and post showcases (renders, videos) to my portfolio.

Model files will be shared only with the commissioner, privately.

You can only cancel the commission before I start working on it. No refund after the project has already been started. I can only refund you half amount if I have to cancel your started commission from my side, if I am unable to complete it for any reason. I can share such unfinished files on request.

I communicate frequently through Discord or Twitter and provide wip pictures. You will be informed about any delays ahead of time, if any breaks from work are in plans.

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