Before you commission me, please visit
"What I offer" page, and read all instructions
and rules carefully.

Click here for 3D commission form (it also includes all instructions and rules).
I will only accept commissions that were
requested through the form.


I recommend checking out "My Gallery" as well, to find out if my modeling style meets your expectations. I have a right to deny your commission, if I don't think I'd be able to make it good enough, or would make me too uncomfortable.

Last update: 06/01/2022

Commission character sheet (for art or 3D modeling reference)

- Starting flat price of a reference: $200 for front and side view. Back view is extra $100 or more, final price depends on the overall complexity of design and how many extra pieces you want to be drawn at side.

- I can redraw your current character sheet and try to make it better.

- I can redesign your character entirely or just change some parts you don't like.
- I can make for you a whole new, custom character, price of design to be discussed.
- Flat colors, no shading, lines are a bit sketchy.

- Paid upfront or after initial sketch of the character.

Commission form is below. Please copy it, fill in and email or DM me on discord. Google form will be created in future if there will be higher demand for ref sheet commissions.

Character's name, gender and age:
Reference links (include as many as you can with explanations if possible):

What extra elements of clothing you want to be drawn separately at side for better reference/detail:

Include back view (optional, costs extra): yes or no

Any additional info: (optional)

Please email me at

Myobi concept art

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Korroz concept art

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Avisto concept art

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Tiffany concept art

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