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You can purchase some of my models, bases and separate parts for your model edits!

There are two ways to buy assets from my shop.

Either purchase them directly through my page, or dm/email me linking to what you're interested in buying. Most of stuff
I offer is in booth shop, but I also have some older models I can resell, (I'm just too lazy to post them all separately). As long as it's not someone's OC (or my own) you find in
the gallery, you can ask if it's up for sale and if you need it for MMD or VRChat.

Please email me at

Last update: 01/02/2021

(NEW!!) 3D Shop: Usługi

The price ranges when there are different types of one file available (ie. headless base or full base) or different licenses available. If you plan to buy an item just for personal MMD use, you can pay the smaller price. If you want to use my parts outside of MMD (like VRChat, VTubing etc.) you have to purchase the extended license that grants you special permissions.

(NEW!!) 3D Shop: Usługi
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